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Bruges beer festival

Welcome to beer festival in Bruges


Bruges beer festival,  Bruges has earned a reputation with a long tradition of breweries 

 at the festival, we will meet over 80 breweries. And we can taste over 500 beers                                                         the previous years, they received a visit of 20,000 visitors


Local restaurants for the event will offer beer-inspired menus 


is recommended to go to the event site and update where and what


When Weekend 2,3 of February 2018

where- Bruges

Ice bar in Prague

Welcome to Prague Ice Bar
Karlovy Club is the largest music club of its kind in Central Europe. Thanks to five music clubs on five separate floors, and is considered one of the best clubs in the world.
The dance floors combined with modern facilities and music to suit all tastes certainly creates a completely unique atmosphere, hosting an unusual attraction and an ice bar
The place where everything you see or feel is made of ice and even your glass
The ice bar in poppy keeps the temperature at minus 7 degrees all year, and do not worry about providing you with an appropriate coat
You can combine a double experience to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the most popular club in the Czech Republic and also enjoy the ice bar where you will offer cocktails and delicious vodka - sweet ice, sour ice, bitter ice Heineken cold beer
It is possible to stay in the bar for only half an hour with a thermal jacket and gloves that the owners think long enough to drink a good drink and take pictures and enjoy the moment
It is recommended to purchase an entrance ticket in advance especially in the evening so that the entrance fee can enter the ice bar at no extra charge. Understandably after you order the first cocktail especially on weekends where the place is crowded with desserts
When ?
Every day from noon to early morning
It is recommended to visit the site and check the price if you are interested only in the ice bar or experience the club in the evening
Prague Music Club   KARLOVY LZZNĚ

Whiskey Life Prague

Whiskey Life Prague

Whiskey Life! Prague - Festival (not only) for whiskey lovers

The festival is the festival's superstar, to be held in Prague in the historic location of the new city hall in Prague for the fifth year in early November

The intoxicating event will take place in the new town hall in the historical center of the romantic city and will offer over 150 different types of whiskey to choose from, some rare and still not available in the Czech Republic

There will also be classes where whiskey experts will guide guests on a whiskey tasting and all accompanied by live music, accompanied by bagpipes

The traditional Scottish kilt is used in local cigars and delicacies

 To complement the whiskey, specialty beer and handmade chocolates

It is recommended to visit the event's website for schedules and prices


3-4 / 11/2017


Prague city hall

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